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CODEV Governance

CODEV Governance is a capacity building program specialized in governance in relationship to different categories launched by CODEV International to serve the global community of individuals, public and private organizations, and independent organizations.

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We offer high-quality training in governance that builds the capacities of leaders to excel in their career pathways and make a positive impact.

Knowledge Development

CODEV Governance equips decision-makers and leaders with a well-rounded understanding of challenging systems and areas that affect humans, nature, and the economy.

Global Focus

Our vision is to serve the global community and empower the world’s leaders and communities and build their capacities to achieve sustainable development and inclusiveness.

Certified Training

We partner with leading institutions to provide certified training that allows our beneficiaries to build more professional credibility and expand competitive and crucial skills in their fields.

Welcoming Institute

CODEV Governance culture, team and atmosphere welcomes leaders and talents from across the globe to collaborate and enjoy professional training.

CODEV Governance and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At CODEV Governance, we support the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 that sets 17 goals to reach sustainable development in 10 years from now. Governance is essential for the SDGs to have effective, accountable and inclusive institutions and procedures that foster their realization. CODEV Governance offers a broad range of programs that tackle these global goals from Zero Hunger to Partnerships for the Goals. We offer an entire training seminar on Governance in relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals to improve its understanding among leaders. As we are an international institute we care about the earth and the world’s communities for a good future to all individuals and nations.

Areas of training

Governance for Sustainable Development

Climate Change Governance

Environmental Governance

Social Governance

Public Sector Governance

Governance of Science and Technology

Leadership in Governance

Governance in the Voluntary Sector

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