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About us

CODEV Governance is capacity building program specialized in governance and part of CODEV International serving the global community of individuals, public and private organizations, and independent organizations. CODEV Governance seeks to enhance skills for the management of public, private, and government systems and improve the accountability and transparency of the organizations performance.

CODEV Governance provides leadership training for effective decision-making for emerging leaders and executives in public administration and governance. We support public officials and organizations in sharpening their competencies for governing through professional training on good governance, which is a foundation for high performance in organizations.

CODEV Governance trainings equips leaders on how to tackle development challenges within different organizations. The concept of governance has evolved to affect various areas that is why we are bringing fresh perspectives to the governance concept through training and facilitation of discussions.

CODEV Governance focuses on good governance to make sure that decision-making of its targets is accountable, transparent, responsive, consensus-oriented, participatory, inclusive, following the law, and efficient.

Our trainings help you explore the various components of governance in multiple areas. CODEV governance will help your organization transform through an in-depth training of leadership in governance and management skills in various disciplines. We aim to foster the adoption of policies, standards, and practices leading to economic stability and development by teaching decision-makers to understand the importance of governance at all levels.