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Institutional Support

Current Programs

Choose a program from our catalog and experience a unique learning journey. Invest in these programs, discover how to apply academic knowledge gained from the training at work, and continue to use it in the future.

Customized Training

● We will conduct a needs assessment to ensure the program design and content is suitable for your organization and refer to your strategic objectives
● We adapt or build new content to suit your needs
● We assess and evaluate the gap that is in your current skill set of executives
● We design a program adapted to the objectives of the organization
● We deliver the training program

Onsite/Residential Training

We provide training in groups with no travel required for the participants. Our team is dedicated to visiting you, at your location and offer its’ expertise to your employees/ subordinates as per your requests. We aim to improve the overall performance of your organization by sharing knowledge with your entire workforce and demonstrate it in your work area.

Benefits of On-Site Training

● CODEV has ten years of experience and has the financial capacity to mobilize experts and staff for offering training
● We facilitate all travel and accommodation arrangements as well as touristic tours.
● CODEV is cost-efficient, convenient and time-saving
● We provide the training at flexible working times
● After full diagnosis and consultation with your organization, CODEV develops training modules suitable for you and for practical application during the training in your workplace
● We share governance principles with your entire workforce

Results-Oriented Training

CODEV innovates and develops results-oriented capacity building programs. We support our participants in demonstrating theoretical concepts and acquired skills by organizing site visits for observations. The opportunity helps to familiarize with the work environment and to meet professional experts in the industry. During the training, you are presented with the opportunity to:
● Meet with professionals in the specific industry of your training program in their work area and discover various aspects and characteristics of their profession
● Participate in conferences and trade fairs on the subject of study outside the CODEV’s training program
● Conduct field visits are an integral part of our training program in order to validate and put into practice the skills acquired
● Benefit from interactive training focused on exchange and case study examples.

Company Visits

Some of our programs enable you to visit companies in Tunisia operating in your field of study in order to gain practical knowledge and learn from experienced industry professionals. Participants have the opportunity to supervise every step of the operation/task and acquire Tunisian industry experience.