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Know more about CODEV Governance

Our wide range of programs are unique and designed to suit the needs of Individuals and Organizations. We teach new ways of governing organizations and work closely with you to design a custom program for your organization that addresses your needs or you may choose a program from our catalog. Each program curriculum is developed to enhance skills, change behavior, and shift perspectives to achieve the learner’s desired outcomes. The program design is suitable for long-term impact. We understand how executives learn. The language of instruction is either French or English.

The key considerations/steps for finding the right program are reviewing the characteristics of the program. Choose the program, which will prepare you to take greater responsibility, and gives you new perspectives and life-changing experiences. Deepen your understanding and contribute towards leadership development. Challenging and engaging course, which has immediate and lasting value.

CODEV understands that organizations face different issues and challenges that need identifying the most suitable solution. CODEV governance develops customized training programs that suit your own needs. CODEV governance designs highly competitive training by consulting the customer to participate in building a program adapted to the reality and characteristics of the organization. This is where our training starts, in making the customer be the architects of their own organization’s development. We take into consideration the critical success factors of your organization. Our experts are aware of the latest technological advances and have the capacity to incorporate the most innovative learning techniques into the training program.