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Partner with CODEV Governance

There are many ways to benefit from CODEV Governance. CODEV Governance partners with independent professionals, independent or private organizations and public organizations,  to connect and influence the society. 

Partnership Levels


Independent Professional

CODEV invites the average executive to gain a solid education/knowledge on governance and identify what makes you unique in your management role. We invite you to familiarise with modern governance concepts that strengthen your career. CODEV Governance helps you stay informed with governance strategies that enable you to create a stronger career in management and to discover the new skills for future governance roles.


Independent/Private Organization

CODEV Governance invites independent and private organizations to partner with us in creating a better world. Our focus is on maintaining good governance structures that give assurance to your stakeholders. CODEV helps to identify and correct potential shortcomings of your organization, understand and know the value of your organization in society.


3. Public Organization/Institution

The relationship between leaders and society is complex as it involves several aspects of governance. We have the capability to track changes in the societal needs and provide you with key themes that define sustainable governance for public organizations. Joining CODEV Governance provides a platform for learning what exactly constitutes a good governance structure to organizations that seek excellence.