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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Governance and National Strategies

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4000 USD
2 weeks

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Governance and National Strategies

General Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the potential to bring many benefits to nations if they are well supported, used and most importantly well governed. AI is capable to improve health, education, facilitate government transactions and services and more. For these reasons AI technologies require good governance and more comprehensive approaches as they are complex. Artificial Intelligence is helpful in the distribution of government resources, attaining public policy objectives and smooth communication operations between the public and government. However, the implementation of strategies and channels that govern AI demands a strategic leader committed to promoting national development and developing partners using AI and IT tools. 

This training is designed for and not limited to: public officials, IT executives and tech organizations who seek to:  

  • Build competencies for using AI technologies
  • Understand the impact of AI in public organizations
  • Learn how to put AI into practice and develop solutions for the organization 
  • Gain practical skills for using AI for project management and implementation
  • Understand the fundamentals of AI, the advantages and disadvantages of AI

Training Content

  • Artificial intelligence and innovation
  • Artificial intelligence initiatives
  • Impact of AI in public organization and society
  • Benefits and risks of AI
  • Manage AI projects
  • AI and governance
  • AI Tools
  • Technology Intelligence
  • AI Technological goals
  • AI and Ethics
  • Identify the opportunities for AI, benefits, and risks
  • Planning and implementing of AI strategies, applications