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E-Governance: Application of ICT in Government Transactions and Systems

Training ID
4000 USD
2 weeks

E-Governance: Application of ICT in Government Transactions and Systems

General Overview 

One of the main roles of e-governance is to promote good governance through electronic means, applying Information Technology to increase transparency and reduce corrupt practices in public transactions. Integrating ICT processes into government transactions and raising public awareness of e-governance has become a fundamental issue in the management of public institutions. This training is targeting public sector and ICT department managers and aims to:

  • Educate on research methods for ICT implementation in government organizations
  • Improve the application of ICT in public organizations and government transactions with other public entities, businesses and the public
  • Emphasize the need for the transition into e-governance
  • Improve ITC structures and processes in governmental systems
  • Teach the smooth implementation of IT budgets
  • Assess the impact of e-governance in government transactions

Training Content

  • Management of ICT investments
  • ICT infrastructure governance
  • Planning ICT services
  • Execution of ICT projects in government 
  • Information Economics and Management
  • Tools to support ICT governance
  • Performance and risk management of ICT 
  • ICT Resource management
  • Impact of e-governance in the public sector
  • E-governance for development
  • ICT in the public sector