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Internet Governance and Cybersecurity Policies and Programs

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4000 USD
2 weeks

Internet Governance and Cybersecurity Policies and Programs

General Overview

Data protection and security have become a major concern with the expansion of Internet services worldwide, especially within governments. In order to function properly, governmental, public and private organisations need to manage threats Internet threats and learn how to apply cybersecurity best practices for the benefit of society. This training is designed for public and private sector executives and ICT managers. At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to overcome cybersecurity challenges in their organizations
  • Manage attacks and learn of policies designed for cyber protection and security
  • Develop strategies that will reduce risks and effectively control internet governance in the organization
  • Learn to innovate and invest in cybersecurity infrastructure development for internet governance

Training  Content

  • Threats, Concepts, Definition, Types
  • Data protection and network security
  • Cyberspace strategy and policy
  • Cybersecurity risk insurance and management
  • Cybersecurity foundations
  • Cybersecurity ethics
  • Cybersecurity crisis management
  • Cybersecurity investments
  • AI in cybersecurity
  • Innovation, technology, and cybersecurity¬†
  • Cybersecurity planning and control