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Why Choose us

  • We provide up-to-date information on innovation and change in governance
  • We take an experimental approach to every issue, thereby providing solutions for the future based on actual facts
  • We have experts with deep knowledge and experience in the targeted areas
  • We design customized programs to meet your specific needs
  • A reputable institution with a remarkable number of customers across the African continent
  • Our customers have the opportunity to gain international learning experiences
  • We help you develop decision-making skills that will bring operational excellence to your organization.
  • We host officials and executives from diverse communities
  • You will engage with people from different backgrounds
  • Our CODEV certificate will enable emerging executives to boost their careers and work in a wide range of sectors with a concentration in public administration offices and governance roles
  • We maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect, transparency, and fairness when dealing with our clients
  • It is an opportunity for you to discover beautiful Tunisia while learning


Recognizing the importance of good governance at the economic, social, and environmental levels to achieve sustainable development, CODEV International decided to launch CODEV Governance that builds capacities for better decisions.

CODEV International has more than ten years in capacity building and offers a wide range of services like consulting, training, institutional support, technical assistance, and study trips. CODEV International conducted missions in Africa to reach remote places and build capacities of leaders and decision-makers.

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Our workforce comes from different disciplines from business to agronomy to design an innovative program that suits your needs. We are committed to promoting excellence in governance around the nation and beyond Tunisia’s borders. We believe in strengthening world societies through excellent training in Governance. Every year we conduct training programs for executives to build capabilities of leaders for the benefit of the society. It is our duty to create efficient public administrative systems by helping government agencies and private organizations to implement effective governance mechanisms. Our desire is to contribute effectively to the development and improvement of public governance and policy formation and state governance systems.


We value the quality of the relationship between public officials and their communities in the implementation of effective development solutions. We understand that holding a senior position within a public institution comes with challenging issues and resources available to public agencies are often limited. CODEV Governance mandate and mission is to promote good administration leadership to those holding positions in public offices and executives in governance roles. Decision-making in senior roles comes with the burden to do what is best to serve the public’s interest. We respond to the needs of our partners in governance and sustainable development areas which include; disaster management, labor, and occupational health, social protection and assistance, administration, diplomacy, education, e-governance and electronic administration, humanitarian actions and associative management amongst others.

Vision and goals


Our vision is to be the leading capacity development institution that shapes the future through governance training.


  • Be an excellent service provider of capacity development training
  • Bring together world leaders from diverse backgrounds
  • Support executives to think lead and develop entrepreneurial confidence
  • Equip managers with insights and skills they need to lead and provide mentorship for the betterment of societies
  • Strengthen our position in capacity development building
  • Tackle problems and bring about change
  • Influence policy for the governance
  • Engage with leading training experts
  • Widen our connections worldwide
  • Invest in good training facilities
  • Improve our customers’ experiences
  • Contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 2030 (SDGs) and the African Union Agenda 2063
  • Reinforcing innovation and sustainable development